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June 2017
April 2017 Medicaid and greater awareness are improving coversage for drug treatment (4/7/17)

March 2017
John Kasich: End the partisan warfare on health care New York Times (3/10/2017)
Ohio Sen. Portman could be key to Obamacare replacement Dayton Daily News (3/6/2017)
Trump's Ohio voters in crosshairs of any reduction of expansion (3/4/2017)
Medicaid expansion put Ohioans 'back to work' Mansfield News Journal (3/3/2017)

February 2017
Keep defending Ohio Medicaid expansion, Gov. Kasich: editorial Cleveland Plain Dealer (2/25/2017)
January 2017
Recovery houses grow in importance Canton Repository (1/24/2017)
Kasich to Congress: Keep Medicaid expansion Cincinnati Enquirer (1/19/2017)
Editorial: Medicaid beats the projections Akron Beacon Journal (1/18/2017)
Obamacare repeal could cost Ohio hospitals $15 billion Columbus Business First (1/11/2017)
Editorial: Big data is a big deal Columbus Dispatch (1/3/2017)

December 2016
Report cites gains from Ohio's Medicaid expansion Columbus Dispatch (12/31/2016)
Report: Ohio's Medicaid expansion benefits health, finances Associated Press (12/31/2016)
Ohio Medicaid moving children in foster care to managed care Ohio Minds (12/27/2016)
Barbara Sears sworn in as new Ohio Medicaid director Columbus Dispatch (12/23/2016)
Ohio to mine government data for answers to tough isuses Associated Press (12/21/2016)
Trump counties would see big impact from Obamacare repeal The Wall Street Journal (12/19/2016)
Signed out of prison, but not signed up for insurance NPR (12/6/2016)
Editorial: Miles to go in drug battle Columbus Dispatch (12/6/2016)

November 2016
Donald Trump chooses Tom Price as Health Secretary Wall Street Journal (11/29/2016) Republican states that expanded Medicaid want it kept Associated Press (11/27/2016)
Kasich, lawmakers want to reduce medical licensing boards Columbus Dispatch(11/25/2016)
Editorial: Leaner boards make sense Columbus Dispatch (11/25/2016)
After warning letter, more doctors compliant with Rx reporting system Canton Repository (11/1/2016)

October 2016
Editorial: Problems increase in health care Columbus Dispatch (10/27/2016)

September 2016
Hospital readmissions decline in Ohio, nationwide Columbus Dispatch (9/21/2016)
Try again on Medicaid Toledo Blade (9/15/2016)
Healthy ruling for Ohio Akron Beacon Journal (9/12/2016)
Feds block Ohio's attempt to charge new Medicaid fees Columbus Dispatch (9/9/2016)
Ohio to launch new health care initiative Dayton Daily News (8/2/2016)
July 2016
State agency aims to keep kids with disabilities with their families Columbus Dispatch (7/30/2016)
Kasich signs bills addressing developemental disabilities Cincinnati Enquirer (7/13/2016)
HHS Secretary says government might not approve Ohio's new Medicaid plan WKSU (7/7/2016)

June 2016

$1.7M to help fight Montgomery County infant mortality Dayton Daily News (6/26/2016)
April 2016
Focused on mental health Ashtabula Star Beacon (4/16/2016)
Early-intervention program works with families of autistic children Columbus Dispatch (4/16/2016)
BWC cutting opioid use by Ohio's injured workers Columbus Dispatch (4/6/2016)
Southern Ohio gets elder justice task force Portsmouth Daily Times (4/3/2016)

March 2016
February 2016
January 2016
Charity care shrinking at central Ohio's nonprofit hospitals Columbus Dispatch (1/31/2016)
Minnesota is developing alternatives to segregated workshops Minnesota StarTribune (1/30/2016)
Ohio seeks to boost early childhood mental health services Associated Press (1/26/2016)
Our disturbing rate of black infant mortality Akron Beacon Journal (1/20/2016)
Spurning the party link The Washington Post (1/5/2016)
Medicaid change could improve infant health Columbus Dispatch (1/3/2016)

December 2015
Summer launch eyed for heroin nursery Dayton Daily (12/17/2015)
November 2015
Remarkable turnaround Columbus Dispatch (11/19/2015)
Hospitals' Medicaid support to change Columbus Dispatch (11/16/0215)
Ohio saves as more seniors move home Columbus Dispatch (11/15/2015)
Making OARRS easier to row Toledo Blade (11/6/2015)
Cleveland hospital gets $1.6M to train 4 residents Columbus Business First (11/3/2015)
Heroin in the heartland CBS News (11/1/2015)

October 2015
Gov. Kasich votes against Issue 3 Alliance Review (10/27/2015)

September 2015
Most expanded Medicaid members are working Dayton Daily News (9/24/2015)
Inclusion is key for those with developmental disabilities Cleveland Plain Dealer (9/11/2015)
Why expanding Medicaid doesn't always make people healthier Governing Magazine (9/2015)

August 2015
Medicaid works Toledo Blade (8/27/2015)
Better data, better care Columbus Dispatch (8/21/2015)
Ohio's Medicaid costs $2B less than estimates Columbus Dispatch (8/13/2015)
Ohio ranks 45 nationally in infant mortality Cleveland Plain Dealer (8/6/2015)
Certification good for public health Columbus Dispatch (8/3/2015)
Medicaid crackdown shuts down businesses Dayton Daily News (8/2/2015)

July 2015
State pushed Medicaid sign-ups for inmates Columbus Dispatch (7/28/2015)
Battling addiction Toledo Blade (7/27/2015)
Outdated rule is doing harm Columbus Dispatch (7/15/2015)
Tsunami of seniors Columbus Dispatch (7/13/2015)
Survival of the Medicaid expansion Akron Beacon Journal (7/10/2015)
Ohio needs focus on infant mortality Columbus Dispatch (7/9/2015)
MetroHealth featured in national journal Crains Cleveland Business (7/8/2015)

June 2015
Kasich to wield veto pen against GOP budget Cincinnati Enquirer (6/29/2015)
Mental health and Ohio's prisons Columbus Dispatch (6/15/2015)
Ohio Senate proposed $71.3B budget Canton Repository (6/14/2015)
Fix the gap in eligibility Columbus Dispatch (6/12/2015)
Give clients a say in caregiver policy Columbus Dispatch (6/10/2015)
Regional health needs assessment helps hospitals The Health Collaborative (6/8/2015)
Ohio tops in Medicaid fraud indictments Dayton Daily News (6/5/2015)
Big data gets a boost Columbus Dispatch (6/3/2015)

May 2015
Kasich tobacco tax hike would save lives Cincinnati Enquirer (5/26/2015)
Not healthy for Ohio Akron Beacon Journal (5/18/2015)
Medicaid expansion kept state healthy Columbus Dispatch (5/17/2015)
Overkill The New Yorker (5/11/2015)
Criminal negligence Toledo Blade (5/10/2015)

April 2015
A house budget plan of punishing detail Akron Beacon Journal (4/25/2015)
Breaking the cycle Columbus Dispatch (4/23/2015)
Ohio House pulls home health changes from budget Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum (4/15/2015)
Ohio pledges more funding for asthma research Dayton Daily News (4/15/2015)
A good investment in children's health Columbus Dispatch (4/13/2015)
Kasich wants to continue Medicaid expansion Youngstown Vindicator (4/10/2015)
Old habits die hard (4/6/2015)
Home health community wary of proposed changes Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum (4/5/2015)

March 2015
7in10 Ohioans support cigarette tax hike, poll says Cleveland Plain Dealer (3/19/2015)
Plan ups Medicaid payments by $84M Columbus Dispatch (3/15/2015)
Ohioans new to Medicaid get care Columbus Dispatch (3/6/2015)
Medicaid mandate Toledo Blade (3/5/2015)

February 2015
Improving health care outcomes at an affordable cost Cleveland Plain Dealer (2/26/2015)
Hike tobaccos tax for a healthier Ohio Columbus Dispatch (2/21/2015)
Medicaid expansion keeps Ohioans healthier Cincinnati Enquirer (2/18/2015)
Cut off Toledo Blade (2/16/2015)
GOP, Dems part ways on Medicaid Youngstown Vindicator (2/14/2015)
Mecidaid members: We can pay Kasich's premiums Cincinnati Enquirer (2/12/2015)
Budish urges Medicaid recipients to reapply Cleveland Plain Dealer (2/10/2015)
Officials, local residents talk health care Mansfield News Journal (2/10/2015)
Tobacco taxes improve health, bottom line in Ohio Cleveland Plain Dealer (2/8/2015)
Kasich's poverty plan noble but difficult Columbus Dispatch (2/7/2015)
Home-care a challenge Columbus Dispatch (2/7/2015)
Locals highlight expansion effectiveness Portsmouth Daily Times (2/5/2015)
Governor proposes tobacco tax increase Columbus ABC 6 (2/5/2015)
Designed to secure the Medicaid expansion Akron Beacon Journal (2/4/2015)
Addiction services double under Ohio prison budget Bucyrus Telegraph Forum (2/4/2015)
Kasich's budget plan aims at Medicaid fraud Columbus Dispatch (2/3/2015)
Kasich rolls out budget proposal Alliance Review (2/3/2015)
Kasich's blueprint Toledo Blade (2/3/2015)
Kasich wants sales tax hike, Medicaid premiums Cincinnati Enquirer (2/2/2015)
Ohio Gov. Kasich to propose $500M tax cut Wall Street Journal (2/1/2015)
Why Medicaid expansion has been good for Ohio Cleveland Plain Dealer (2/1/2015)
Kasich to focus on infant mortality Cincinnati Enquirer (2/1/2015)
How Republican is Gov. Kasich's budget? Cincinnati Enquirer (2/1/2015)
Hospital backbone of local economy, a health populace Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian (2/1/2015)
Welfare revamp is promising Columbus Dispatch (2/1/2015)

January 2015
Group wants to raise tobacco taxes Dayton Daily News (1/28/2015)
Ohio House Speaker on Medicaid Columbus Dispatch (1/27/2015)
Let's keep benefit of Medicaid for all Columbus Dispatch (1/24/2015)
Extended Medicaid good for healthy community Chillicothe Gazette (1/24/2015)
Visiting governor supports Medicaid expansion The Montana Standard (1/23/2015)
Families fight community-care plan Columbus Dispatch (1/18/2015)
Medicaid gives Ohio a boost economically Columbus Dispatch (1/14/2015)

December 2014
Oversight is lacking Columbus Dispatch (12/30/2014)
Public servant Toledo Blade (12/30/2014)
A job well done Columbus Dispatch (12/21/2014)
Ohio gets $75M for medical-care redesign Cincinnati Enquirer (12/17/2014)
Ohio gets grant for new health-care payment model Columbus Dispatch (12/17/2014)
Encouraging moves Columbus Dispatch (12/11/2014)
Mobilizing to reduce infant mortality Akron Beacon Journal (12/7/2014)
Aiming to save babies Columbus Dispatch (12/2/2014)

November 2014
Medicaid matters Toledo Blade (11/23/2014)
Rewared for a job well done Columbus Dispatch (11/6/2014)

October 2014
Maximizing benefits Toledo Blade (10/27/2014)
Ohio getting $2.5M in nursing-home settlement Columbus Dispatch (10/10/2014)

September 2014
Ohio inmate health care cut $10.3 million Columbus Dispatch (9/16/2014)
50-50 is a better deal Columbus Dispatch (9/16/2014)
Ohio reduces spending on nursing homes Columbus Dispatch (9/11/2014)
Health-care office could boost students' well-being Columbus Dispatch (9/5/2014)

August 2014
More seniors get chance to go home Columbus Dispatch (8/22/2014)
Expansion of Medicaid is good first step Columbus Dispatch (8/21/2014)
Grants to help at-risk children Mansfield News Journal (8/20/2014)
Health recovery services awarded $600K grant WOUB Public Media (8/19/2014)
Kasich proposes more welfare reform Columbus Dispatch (8/13/2014)
New office could make a difference Columbus Dispatch (8/13/2014)
Uninsured in Ohio down to 11% under Obamacare Columbus Dispatch (8/13/2014)
Number of uninsured Ohioans falls sharply Dayton Daily News (8/12/2014)
UC lands funding to train mental health workers Cincinnti Business Courier (8/12/2014)
Expansion is healthy Columbus Dispatch (8/12/2014)
The right prescription Toledo Blade (8/8/2014)
Drug overdose rate among women skyrockets Hamilton Journal News (8/4/2014)
Rebalancing senior care Columbus Dispatch (8/4/2014)
Violent youths target of $240,000 grant Dayton Daily News (8/4/2014)

July 2014
Hospitals see fewer uninsured Columbus Dispatch (7/27/2014)
Ohio seeks $98.6M Obamacare grant to help Ohio save Columbus Business First (7/21/2014)
White House report tours Medicaid expansion Columbus Dispatch (7/2/2014)

June 2014
Million enrolling into Medicaid, now what Cincinnati Enquirer (6/26/2014)
Ohio seeks better managed-care, lower costs Columbus Dispatch (6/22/2014)
Born addicted Toledo Blade (6/20/2014)
John Kasich: The Ohio Enigma Governing Magazine (June 2014)

May 2014
Decision needed on indigent care levy Cincinnati Enquirer (5/25/2014)
Ohio in good position for Obamacare grants Columbus Business First (5/23/2014)
Ohio is 31st in health of its seniors Columbus Dispatch (5/21/2014)
A grant to help addicted moms to be WTAM Cleveland (5/19/2014)
MetroHealth expands help for opiate-dependent women Cleveland Plain Dealer (5/19/2014)
Ohio's Medicaid enrollment surges Cincinnati Enquirer (5/12/2014)
Surge of newly eligible Medicaid signups Cleveland Plain Dealer (5/12/2014)
Ohio Medicaid enrollment increasing NBC 4 Columbus (5/12/2014)
Program aims to keep seniors from falling Columbus Dispatch (5/5/2014)
Leaders of Tomorrow: Beverley Laubert Long-Term Living (5/4/2014)

April 2014
State's inmates going on Medicaid Columbus Dispatch (4/20/2014)
State's psychiatric beds fail to meet demad Columbus Dispatch (4/13/2014)
Valley groups gets funds to fight drugs Youngstown Vindicator (4/7/2014)
Ohio doctors group honors Kasich's advocacy Columbus Dispatch (4/6/2014)

March 2014
Execution phase (part 2) Akron Beacon Journal (3/14/2014)

February 2014
Kasich takes aim at tax rate Columbus Dispatch (2/25/2014)
Ohio governor proposes new round of tax cuts Dayton Daily News (2/24/2014)
Learning initiatives top Kasich agenda Cincinnati Enquirer (2/24/2014)

January 2014
Health care site glitches keep users in limbo Cincinnati Enquirer (1/9/2014)

December 2013
With new year comes new era of Medicaid coverage Cleveland Plain Dealer (12/31/2014)
Ohio Medicaid fight: 'It's over with' Cincinnati Enquirer (12/26/2013)
Good decision by high court Columbus Dispatch (12/26/2013)
Ohio groups see steady flow of health-care sign-ups Akron Beacon Journal (12/23/2013)
Feds sending Medicaid cases to states Associated Press (12/18/2013)
Medicaid expansion ballot initiative withdrawn Columbus Dispatch (12/17/2013)
Group drops petition to force Medicaid expansion Youngstown Vindicator (12/17/2013)
Ohio launches website to help enroll applicants Cleveland Plain Dealer (12/10/2013)
1,165 apply online for Medicaid benefits Youngstown Vindicator (12/10/2013)
Ohioans can sign up online for Medicaid program Akron Beacon Journal (12/9/2013)
Medicaid online enrollment begins today in Ohio Cincinnati Enquirer (12/9/2013)
Ohio battles to care for mentally ill Toledo Blade (12/8/2013)

November 2013
State defends Controlling Board decision Cleveland Plain Dealer (11/25/2013)
The right stuff Toledo Blade (11/18/2013)
Ohio online Medicaid signups will start Dec. 9 Columbus Dispatch (11/14/2013)
State responds to Medicaid expansion lawsuit Columbus Dispatch (11/6/2013)
State: Board has authority to expand Medicaid Cincinnati Enquirer (11/5/2013)
Medicaid suit on fast track Toledo Blade (11/1/2013)
Kasich defens Medicaid growth Herald Star (11/1/2013)

October 2013
Batchelder confirms GOP backing on Medicaid Cleveland Plain Dealer (10/31/2013)
Kasich makes right call in securing Medicaid expansion Crain's Cleveland Business (10/30/2013)
Got $400 million Akron Beacon Journal (10/28/2013)
Governors, on TV, divided over Obamacare's merits Cincinnati Enquirer (10/27/2013)
Training hinders health home options Marion Star (10/27/2013)
Low-income residents welcome Medicaid expansion Akron Beacon Journal (10/26/2013)
Medicaid expansion: What comes next? Marion Star (10/26/2013)
Credit Kasich for doing the right thing on Medicaid Cleveland Plain Dealer (10/23/2013)
Best possible outcome Columbus Dispatch (10/23/2013)
SW Ohio conservatives file suit to stop Medicaid Cincinnati Enquirer (10/22/2013)
When "no" meant yes Columbus Dispatch (10/23/2013)
Suit filed over Medicaid expansion Columbus Dispatch (10/23/2013)
Medicaid expansion challenged Toledo Blade (10/23/2013)
Vote expands Medicaid; opponents vow to sue Columbus Dispatch (10/22/2013)
Medicaid majority Akron Beacon Journal (10/22/2013)
Kasich had courage on Medicaid Cincinnati Enquirer (10/22/2013)
Controlling Board gives OK to use federal money Cleveland Plain Dealer (10/21/2013)
Broader Medicaid, at last Toledo Blade (10/21/2013)
Ohio panel votes to expand Medicaid Dayton Daily News (10/21/2013)
Redfern key player in Medicaid expansion Sandusky Register (10/18/2013)
Lawsuits likely for Medicaid expansion path Coshocton Tribune (10/17/2013)
Legislators on Controlling Board deseiged with calls Cleveland Plain Dealer (10/16/2013)
Yes vote could help 275,000 Columbus Dispatch (10/16/2013)
Medicaid expansion still up in air on Controlling Board Columbus Dispatch (10/15/2013)
Fate of Ohio Medicaid in hands of seven men Cincinnati Enquirer (10/15/2013)
Buckle your seat belts for a long, bumpy ride Canton Repository (10/14/2013)
Controlling idea Akron Beacon Journal (10/14/2013)
A sensible move to the Controlling Board for Medicaid Cleveland Plain Dealer (10/14/2013)
Expand Ohio Medicaid Toledo Blade (10/14/2013)
Kasich makes deft move Cincinnati Enquirer (10/14/2013)
Expand Medicaid, cautiously Mansfield News Journal (10/12/2013)
One more 'yes' needed to expand Medicaid Columbus Dispatch (10/12/2013)
Medicaid expansion critical to our hospitals Chillicothe Gazette (10/12/2013)
Kasich to seek Medicaid expansion via 7-member panel Cincinnati Enquirer (10/11/2013)
Ohio gains federal approval to expand its Medicaid program Cleveland Plain Dealer (10/11/2013)
Kasich's maneuver bolters Medicaid's expansion prespects ideastream (10/11/2013)
Kasich to seek Medicaid expansion through panel Canton Repository (10/11/2013)
Kasich to apply to legislative panel to get OK for Medicaidy expansion Toledo Blade (10/11/2013)
Ohio GOP governor mulls executive action to expand Medicaid Politix (10/10/2013)
After facing opposition, GOP governor may expand Medicaid ThinkProgress (10/10/2013)

State reps weighing jobs vs. costs in Medicaid calculus Lancaster Eagle Gazette (10/10/2013)
Medicaid expansion looms over race for Ohio House speaker Cleveland Plain Dealer (10/9/2013)
Will Ohio Governor Kasich's plan on Medicaid bypass Legislature? Cincinnati Enquirer (10/9/2013)
Real people will fall through the cracks Cleveland Plain Dealer (10/9/2013)
Expansion would help working poor Columbus Dispatch (10/9/2013)
Kasich Medicaid-expansion plan puts heat on GOP Columbus Dispatch (10/9/2013)
Will lawmakers be pushed into Medicaid expansion Columbus Dispatch (10/8/2013)


September 2013
Medicaid expansion more help for Ohioans battling addiction Public News Service (9/30/2013)
New website will allow Ohioans to apply for Medicaid online Cleveland Plain Dealer (9/30/2013)
Governor should act Columbus Dispatch (9/29/2013)
Broaden Ohio's health-spending debate Toledo Blade (9/29/2013)
Governor Kasich has options to expand Medicaid without legislature approval ideastream (9/29/2013)
Medicaid moment at the Statehouse Akron Beacon Journal (9/28/2013)
Legislators must approve Medicaid expansion Lancaster Eagle Gazette (9/27/2013)
Kasich weighs new path to Medicaid expansion Columbus Dispatch (9/27/2013)
Taking Control Toledo Blade (9/27/2013)
Under Obamacare, Ohio still waits for a Medicaid expansion Youngstown Vindicator (9/27/2013)
Medicaid expansion demands the support of state legislators Youngstown Vindicator (9/26/2013)
Meet CRIS-E, Ohio Medicaid's overwhelmed IT system Columbus Business First (9/24/2013)
Accenture, state workers praised on new Medicaid portal Columbus Business First (9/24/2013)
Ohio will unveil new website to guide Medicaid decision Cincinnati Enquirer (9/25/2013)

$116 Million OK'd to replace state Medicaid computer system Columbus Dispatch (9/24/2013)
New Ohio website to determine Medicaid eligibility Canton Repository (9/23/2013)
Merger of health departments could attract funds from state Youngstown Vindicator (9/23/2013)
Obamacare's strange bedfellows The Washington Post (9/23/2013)
Lawmakers to debate Medicaid's future The Sandusky Register (9/23/2013)
Controlling authority Akron Beacon Journal (9/22/2013)

The backroom politics of Medicaid expansion in Ohio Cleveland Plain Dealer (9/22/2013)
Fill the coverage gap for the most vulnerable workers by extending Medicaid Cleveland PD (9/22/2013)
Debate on Medicaid’s future awaits Ohio lawmakers Kansas City Star (9/22/2013)

Medicaid-expansion effort cleared to collect signatures Columbus Dispatch (9/20/2013)
Ohio hospitals brace for pain Fort Wayne Journal Gazette (9/19/2013)
Campaign to get Medicaid expansion on the ballot one step closer Columbus Dispatch (9/19/2013)
Ohio Controlling Board action might offer an alternate route Cleveland Plain Dealer (9/19/2013)
Ohio board OKs Medicaid proposal as ballot issue The Marietta Times (9/19/2013)
Medicaid changes are tops on Ohio lawmakers’ to-do lists Columbus Dispatch (9/16/2013)
Petition to put Medicaid expansion on the ballot certified Columbus Dispatch (9/13/2013)
Going home Columbus Dispatch (9/12/2013)

Not expanding Medicaid will cost far more Ironton Tribune (9/8/2013)
Petition for Medicaid expansion could pack clout, prompt legislators to act Cleveland PD (9/7/2013)
Ballot is 'Plan B' for expanding Medicaid Columbus Dispatch (9/5/2013)
Other viewpoints: Expand Medicaid by other means Columbus Dispatch (9/5/2013)
Medicaid expansion advocated ready Ohio campaign Akron Beacon Journal (9/4/2013)
Group takes first steps toward putting Medicaid expansion on ballot Cleveland Plain Dealer (9/4/2013)
Does GOP want another bloody fight? Canton Repository (9/3/2013)
Helping babies born addicted The Intelligencer/Wheeling News-Register (9/3/2013)
Ohio Medicaid preparing expanded enrollment system Columbus Business First (9/3/2013)
Preventing a vote on Medicaid hurts the poor, not the president Columbus Dispatch (9/1/2013)

August 2013

Maurice Clarett promotes Medicaid expansion Columbus Dispatch (8/29/2013)
Medicaid hearings wrap up in Dayton WYSO (8/27/2013)
Bar is too low for nursing homes Columbus Dispatch (8/25/2013)
Medicaid expansion should be a priority Stow Sentry (8/25/2013)

Medicaid better than being uninsured John Glenn School of Public Affairs
Why Ohio Medicaid expansion will happen Cleveland Plain Dealer (8/15/2013)
Ohio could save and expand Medicaid Columbus Dispatch (8/14/2013)
Response team formed to calm teens in crisis Columbus Dispatch (8/14/2013)
Medicaid expansion quandary The Washington Times (8/12/2013)
Medicaid expansion good for newborns Columbus Dispatch (8/7/2013)

July 2013
Grant will help youth at risk in Stark Alliance Review (7/23/2013)
Kasich says Medicaid expansion inevitable Cincinnati Enquirer (7/21/2013)
Lawmakers must stop stalling on Medicaid Lancaster Eagle Gazette (7/18/2013)
Kasich digs in on Medicaid expansion Nordonia Hills News Leader (7/17/2013)
Advocates for Medicaid expansion remain determined Cleveland Plain Dealer (7/13/2013)
For all Ohio Akron Beacon Journal (7/10/2013)
Ohio Gov. John Kasich to speak at rally for Medicaid expansion Washington Times (7/9/2013)
Medicaid merits a vote Columbus Dispatch (7/7/2013)
Expand Medicaid to prisoners Youngstown Vindicator (7/7/2013)
Prioritize Medicaid expansion in Ohio Cleveland Plain Dealer (7/6/2013)
Summer job Akron Beacon Journal (7/6/2013)
In a word, reform Akron Beacon Journal (7/3/2013)
The half-trillion-dollar depression New York Times (7/2/2013)
Veto worthy Akron Beacon Journal (7/2/2013)
Medicaid coverage gap looms Columbus Dispatch (7/2/2013)
June 2013
Kasich vetoes Medicaid block Cincinnati Enquirer (6/30/2013)
Kasich signs budget, leaves door open for Medicaid Cleveland Plain Dealer (6/30/2013)
Ohio Medicaid Reform and expansion inching forward Columbus Business First (6/28/2013)
Ohio's $62 billion budget approved Columbus Dispatch (6/28/2013)
Push to widen Medicaid stalls with GOP caucus Cincinnati Enquirer (6/23/2013)
The Medicaid vote that isn't happening Cleveland Plain Dealer (6/22/2013)
Ohio Medicaid expansion push down to the wire Dayton Daily News (6/21/2013)
Retreat from quality Akron Beacon Journal (6/20/2013)
Ohioans back Medicaid expansion Cincinnati Enquirer (6/15/2013)
The morality of Medicaid Cincinnati Enquirer (6/14/2013)
Bills may pave way to expand Medicaid Toledo Blade (6/13/2013)
Medicaid reforms net Ohio $169M Dayton Daily News (6/13/2013)
Medicaid effort takes step forward Cincinnati Enquirer (6/12/2013)
State must act fast on Medicaid Columbus Dispatch (6/12/2013)
Expand Medicaid or lose billions Medina-Gazette (6/12/2013)
Medicaid expansion up against a wall Fremont News Messenger (6/12/2013)
Ohio group wants Medicaid issue restored Associated Press (6/12/2013)
Medicaid expansion: Ohio needs it Cincinnati Ohio (6/9/2013)
Covering the uninsured: the risks and rewards Cincinnati Enquirer (6/9/2013)
Medicaid expansion is a jobs issue Cleveland Plain Dealer (6/8/2013)
Ohioans' health hangs in the balance Columbus Dispatch (6/8/2013)
Guidelines target kids' psychotropic drug usage Lancaster Eagle Gazette (6/5/2013)
Victims of inaction will include veterans Canton Repository (6/4/2013)
Substance abuse fight crucial Mansfield News Journal (6/4/2013)
Uninsured veterans seek help Columbus Dispatch (6/3/2013)
GOP gov. invokes Reagan CBS News (6/3/2013)
Gov. Kasich urges Ohioans to expand Medicaid WXIX Fox 19 Cincinnati (6/3/2013)
Expansion hope lives Columbus Dispatch (6/3/2013)
No more excuses Toledo Blade (6/3/2013)
Medicaid works Akron Beacon Journal (6/2/2013)
Without Medicaid, poorest lose Columbus Dispatch (6/2/2013)
May 2013
Medicaid expansion crucial to mentally ill Columbus Dispatch (5/30/2013)
Medicaid expansion in Ohio back in play Dayton Daily News (5/29/2013)
Hope in the House Akron Beacon Journal (5/25/2013)
Medicaid expansion fight still looms Springfield News-Sun (5/25/2013)
Bill in Ohio House revives Medicaid Columbus Dispatch (5/23/2013)
Word about Medicaid Akron Beacon Journal (5/21/2013)
Expand Medicaid to save lives Akron Beacon Journal (5/20/2013)
Medicaid for Mom Toledo Blade (5/20/2013)
Kasich: I'm not giving up on Medicaid expansion Cincinnati Enquirer (5/14/2013)
Big and Lean Akron Beacon Journal (5/13/2013)
Nursing homes defend high cost Columbus Dispatch (5/12/2013)
Molina ups hiring plans Columbus Business First (5/10/2013)
Governor is using bully pulpit well Dover-New Philadelphia Times Reporter (5/10/2013)
Hospital charges vary widely across Ohio Zanesville Times Recorder (5/9/2013)
Governor patient on Medicaid issue Toledo Blade (5/9/2013)
Medicaid Advantage Akron Beacon Journal (5/8/2013)
Medicaid expansion top of mind for Cleveland Clinic Cleveland Plain Dealer (5/8/2013)
Ohio healthcare chiefs tout reforms, innovations, savings Columbus Government Examiner (5/8/2013)
Medicaid director touts Ohio reforms Columbus Dispatch (5/8/2013)
Medicaid improves mental health outcomes Cincinnati CityBeat (5/8/2013)
It's not broken Columbus Dispatch (5/7/2013)
Window on Medicaid, courtesy of Oregon Akron Beacon Journal (5/6/2013)
Business groups back Ohio Medicaid expansion Cleveland Plain Dealer (5/5/2013)
Did someone say Medicaid 'reform'? Akron Beacon Journal (5/4/2013)
Expansion would benefit employers Columbus Dispatch (5/3/2013)
Medicaid improves users' mental health Columbus Dispatch (5/2/2013)
Reviving Medicaid Marietta Times (5/1/2013)
Making Medicaid Work Congressional Report (5/1/2013)
April 2013
Ohio addictions chief addresses overdose deaths Crescent- News (4/30/2013)
Ohioans support larger Medicaid Columbus Dispatch (4/30/2013)
Opportunity and savings Akron Beacon Journal (4/29/2013)
More than just numbers in Ohio's Medicaid debate Zanesville Times Recorder (4/29/2013)
New hope for expansion Columbus Dispatch (4/28/2013)
Rejecting Medicaid could hurt some states Associated Press (4/28/2013)
Still defiant Akron Beacon Journal (4/27/2013)
Hospitals brace for loss of funds Cincinnati Enquirer (4/27/2013)
Hatching clever ideas to win Medicaid expansion Cleveland Plain Dealer (4/26/2013)
Ohio would gain $1.9B from Medicaid expansion Dayton Business Journal (4/26/2013)
Medicaid changes will be taken up separately Columbus Dispatch (4/25/2013)
Franklin County Commissioners Resolution No. 0306-13 (4/24/2013)
Let's keep Medicaid discussion alive Public News Service (4/23/2013)
Business to legislature: expand Medicaid Cincinnati Enquirer (4/22/2013)
GOP keeps Medicaid expansion alive Dayton Daily News (4/21/2013)
Ohio Medicaid expansion isn't dead quite yet Cleveland Plain Dealer (4/21/2013)
State will study Medicaid Youngstown Vindicator (4/20/2013)
For their convenience Akron Beacon Journal (4/20/2013)
Kasich's budget gets another shot Toledo Blade (4/20/2013)
Still hope for Ohio Medicaid expansion Cleveland Plain Dealer (4/20/2013)
Ohio Republicans leave budget options open Cincinnati Business Courier (4/19/2013)
Amended budget bill goes to Ohio Senate Columbus Dispatch (4/19/2013)
Ohio House OKs $61.5B budget plan Toledo Blade (4/19/2013)
What Medicaid expansion could mean in Ohio WCPO Cincinnati (4/18/2013)
Ohio House keeps Medicaid discussion going Cleveland Plain Dealer (4/18/2013)
Poorly Written budget staggers to Ohio Senate Cleveland Plain Dealer (4/17/2013)
MetroHealth's Medicaid waiver program sees sign of hope Crain's Cleveland Business (4/172013)
Hard-working Ohioans need Medicaid expansion Public News Service (4/16/2013)
Clear about Medicaid Akron Beacon Journal (4/15/2013)
State needs healthy workforce Columbus Dispatch (4/15/2013)
Test of Leadership Toledo Blade (4/15/2013)
A Medicaid success story Cleveland Plain Dealer (4/14/2013)
Expanding Medicaid is the correct solution for Ohio Cleveland Plain Dealer (4/13/2013)
Expand Medicaid, say Ohio hospitals Intelligencer / Wheeling News Register (4/13/2013)
Hospitals push Medicaid expansion Columbus Dispatch (4/12/2013)
Medicaid expansion would aid county Washington Court House Record-Herald (4/12/2013)
Ohio hospitals urge legislators to expand Medicaid Dover-New Philadelphia Times Reporter (4/12/2013)
Medicaid expansion backers rally at Ohio Capitol Cincinnati Enquirer (4/11/2013)
Medicaid expansion rally at Ohio Statehouse Cleveland Plain Dealer (4/11/2013)
Medicaid lunacy caused by politics Cincinnati Enquirer (4/11/2013)
Kasich's proposals not dead yet Columbus Dispatch (4/11/2013)
Ohio Gov. Kasich continues to push for Medicaid expansion Nordonia Hills News-Leader (4/11/2013)
Medicaid expansion supporters rally in Columbus Cincinnati Enquirer (4/10/2013)
Local leaders gather to support Medicaid extension Pike County News Watchman (4/10/2013)
Kasich not giving up on Medicaid plan Dayton Daily News (4/10/2013)
Defiant ones Akron Beacon Journal (4/10/2013)
Bad arguments against Medicaid Cleveland Plain Dealer (4/10/2013)
Hospitals decry Medicaid expansion removal Newark Advocate (4/10/2013)
House GOP shreds Kasich priorities Columbus Dispatch (4/10/2013)
Keep Medicaid expansion plan in Ohio Cleveland Plain Dealer (4/9/2013)
GOP leaders take Medicaid plan off budget Cincinnati Enquirer (4/9/2013)
House Republicans strip Medicaid expansion Cleveland Plain Dealer (4/9/2013)
Ohio House to drop Medicaid expansion Zanesville Times Recorder (4/9/2013)
Advocates of Ohio Medicaid expansion decry reports Cleveland Plain Dealer (4/8/2013)
Officials support Medicaid changes Chillicothe Gazette (4/4/2013)
Expand Opportunity Akron Beacon Journal (4/1/2013)
Agency shows support of Medicaid expansion Perry County Tribune (4/1/2013)
March 2013
Uninsured Veterans and Family Members Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (3/2013)
Medicaid expansion impact in Ohio detailed Mansfield News Journal (3/31/2013)
Expansion of Medicaid is needed Columbus Dispatch (3/30/2013)
Medicaid growth could be blessing for country Chillicothe Gazette (3/30/2013)
Kasich argues health care access for poor is a problem Cleveland Plain Dealer (3/28/2013)
Kasich explores alternative to Medicaid expansion Dayton Daily News (3/26/2013)
Senator Balderson discusses Medicaid expansion in Logan Logan Daily (3/26/2013)
Let Medicaid grow Youngstown Vindicator (3/25/2013)
CRSI hosts state Medicaid expansion forum Urbana Daily Citizen (3/22/2013)
Local agencies endorse Medicaid expansion Springfield News-Sun (3/22/2013)
Ohio, Arkansas may provide new model Kaiser Health News (3/22/2013)
Discussing help for mental illness, drug addiction News Journal (3/22/2013)
Expanding Medicaid with private insurance Stateline (3/22/2013)
States urged to expand Medicaid with private insurance New York Times (3/21/2013)
Report details impact of Medicaid changes Cincinnati Enquirer (3/21/2013)
Clergy pushes Medicaid expansion Columbus Dispatch (3/21/2013)
Local officials call for Medicaid expansion The Post (3/20/2013)
Medicaid expansion a win-win for Ohio Cincinnati Enquirer (3/18/2013)
Fighting the wrong battle Columbus Dispatch (3/17/2013)
Medicaid will provide hospital care, prescriptions and more Cleveland Plain Dealer (3/17/2013)
Moody's warns of trouble for hospitals without Medicaid expansion The Hill (3/15/2013)
Ohio and 'a big human thing' Akron Beacon Journal (3/16/2013)
Medicaid expansion adds up for Ohio families, taxpayers Cleveland Plain Dealer (3/16/2013)
Moody's warns of trouble for hospitals without Medicaid expansion The Hill (3/15/2013)
Mental health unit backs Medicaid expansion Record-Courier (3/15/2013)
Rally backs expanding Medicaid coverage in Ohio Columbus Dispatch (3/15/2013)
Medicaid expansion to benefit austism coverage Portsmouth Daily Times (3/14/2013)
Advocates back Ohio Gov. John Kasich's Medicaid expansion Medina Gazette (3/14/2013)
Columbus Medicaid rally blends an interesting mix of supporters WKSU (3/14/2013)
Locals helping lobby today for Medicaid expansion Lima News (3/14/2013)
What's the Medicaid expansion worth to a state? Governing Magazine (3/14/2013)
Refusal to expand Medicaid may cost employers $1 billion Bloomberg (3/13/2013)
Without Medicaid, employers face tax penalties Jackson Hewitt Tax Service (3/13/2013)
Medicaid expansion gets backing from OSMA despite Obamacare opposition Business First (3/13/2013)
Meeting governor key to Chamber visit Cincinnati Enquirer (3/13/2013)
Medicaid in the cross hairs Akron Beacon Journal (3/11/2013)
Seeking a better deal Columbus Dispatch (3/11/2013)
Expanded Medicaid to open up addiction treatment NBC4 (3/10/2013)
The states' Medicaid high-wire act Cincinnati Enquirer (3/9/2013)
Expansion would improve care, contain costs Mansfield News Journal (3/7/2013)
Study backs Medicaid expansion Cincinnati Enquirer (3/7/2013)
Necessary for Ohio Akron Beacon Journal (3/6/2013)
Expanding health care is the right call for Ohio Cincinnati Enquirer (3/5/2013)
Akron City Council supports Medicaid expansion Akron Beacon Journal (3/5/2013)
Ohio school official wants school Medicaid expansion Associated Press (3/5/2013)
Religious groups push for Kasich's Medicaid expansion Columbus Dispatch (3/4/2013)
Faith leaders urge lawmakers to expand Medicaid WKSU (3/5/2013)
State goal: Show costs at hospitals Columbus Dispatch (3/3/2013)
More Medicaid helps everyone Columbus Dispatch (3/2/2013)
Hospitals, others lobby for Medicaid expansion Akron Beacon Journal (3/2/2013)
February 2013
Budget ideas aim to lessen infant death Columbus Dispatch (2/28/2013)
Kasich sees Medicaid ally in backers of food banks Akron Beacon Journal (2/28/2013)
Medicaid move may aid mental health Chillicothe Gazette (2/28/2013)
Medicaid can help stop Ohio's vicious cycle of re-incarceration Cincinnati Enquirer (2/28/2013)
Medicaid expansion would free up mental health dollars Zanesville Times Recorder (2/27/2013)
Medicaid expansion good for state, conservative movement Columbus Dispatch (2/27/2013)
Expansion of Medicaid will save lives Columbus Dispatch (2/25/2013)
Medicaid expansion could boost treatment for addicts, mentally ill Morning Journal (2/24/2013)
Medicaid expansion adds up Ironton Tribune (2/24/2013)
Kasich should be commended for effort to expand Medicaid Athens News (2/24/2013)
Republicans need to stand up to band of rigid intimidators Columbus Dispatch (2/24/2013)
Hospitals buying physicians right for patients? Cincinnati Enquirer (2/24/2013)
Selling the Medicaid expansion Akron Beacon Journal (2/23/2013)
Medicaid expansion is a winner Cleveland Plain Dealer (2/22/2013)
Kasich urges GOP to expand Medicaid Columbus Dispatch (2/22/2013)
Care for those with autism Akron Beacon Journal (2/22/2013)
Why Medicaid expansion matters Columbus Dispatch (2/22/2013)
Medicaid expansion brings care and jobs Portsmouth Daily Times (2/22/2013)
$3M federal grant to help improve healthcare payment system Dayton Daily News (2/21/2013)
Tens of thousands to benefit from Medicaid change WNWO (2/21/2013)
Premium Challenge Akron Beacon Journal (2/21/2013)
Stakeholder reactions to the State of the State (2/21/2013)
Expand Medicaid to improve health and safety Akron Beacon Journal (2/21/2013)
Kasich plan makes sense Columbus Dispatch (2/21/2013)
Medicaid expansion would aid working poor Columbus Dispatch (2/21/2013)
Pitch by Kasich Akron Beacon Journal (2/20/2013)
Kasich to GOP at State of the State: Be reasonable Cleveland Plain Dealer (2/20/2013)
Lawmakers, medical experts lobby for extensive Medicaid funds Lima News (2/20/2013)
Kasich implores GOP to expand Medicaid Columbus Dispatch (2/20/2013)
Governor defends plans to expand Medicaid Toledo Blade (2/20/2013)
L&P expanding its services Marietta Times (2/19/2013)
Kasich focuses on Medicaid in State of the State address Cleveland Plain Dealer (2/19/2013)
Kasich to Ohioans: 'Don't fear big ideas' Associated Press (2/19/2013)
Taxes, Medicaid, education focus of Kasich address Dayton Daily News (2/19/203)
Dr. Steven Jewel for NAMI Ohio video
Kasich is thinking big and long-term Plain Dealer (2/16/2013)
Medicaid expansion in Ohio would avoid a $404M budget gap Dayton Daily News (2/15/2013)
Mentally ill benefit in Kasich budget Columbus Dispatch (2/14/2013)
More support for Medicaid expansion Columbus Dispatch (2/13/2013)
In Medicaid, a new health-care fight Wall Street Journal (2/11/2013)
Mental health care community applauds Kasich Cleveland Plain dealer (2/11/2013)
Kasich's Medicaid plan makes sense Columbus Dispatch (2/10/2013)
Exploring the themes of Kasich's budget Cleveland Plain Dealer (2/10/2013)
The 'balanced approach' appears in Kasich budget Cleveland Plain Dealer (2/10/2013)
Kasich's plan taps hospitals' Medicaid boon Columbus Dispatch (2/9/2013)
Coalition endorses Kasich's Medicaid expansion Portsmouth Daily Times (2/9/2013)
Ohio Right to Life in '100 percent' support of Medicaid expansion Cleveland Plain Dealer (2/8/2013)
Governor discusses Medicaid expansion plan in Ashland WMFD-TV Mansfield (2/8/2013)
Billions in federal Medicaid funds will go to Ohio families Youngstown Vindicator (2/8/2013)
Background checks required Marietta Times (2/8/2013)
Ohio's Medicaid costs could soar Dayton Daily News (2/7/2013)
Ohio seeks to overhaul Medicaid eligibility system Dayton Daily News (2/6/2013)
Kasich's blueprint for reform Cincinnati Enquirer (2/6/2013)
Kasich gets Ohio's budgeting process off to a worthy start Cleveland Plain Dealer (2/6/2013)
Budget by Kasich Akron Beacon Journal (2/5/2013)
Feds' help sought with Medicaid expansion Columbus Dispatch (2/5/2013)
Kasich supports Medicaid growth Toledo Blade (2/5/2013)
Facts and figures about Ohio's Medicaid program Akron Beacon Journal (2/5/2013)
Proposed budget would shift tax burden by expanding base Columbus Dispatch (2/4/2013)
Kasich budget calls for IT overhaul and one-stop eligibility Business First (2/4/2013)
Kasich calls for Ohio Medicaid expansion Business First (2/4/2013)
Ohio to expand Medicaid Cleveland Plain Dealer (2/4/2013)
Kasich wants Ohio to expand Medicaid Crain's Cleveland Business (2/4/2013)
Ohio to seek expansion of Medicaid Cincinnati Enquirer (2/4/2013)
Kasich expands Medicaid Dayton Daily News (2/4/2013)
Medical community welcomes Ohio Medicaid expansion Lima News (2/4/2013)
Ohio: Governor will seek to cover more under Medicaid New York Times (2/4/2013)
Ohio Medicaid expansion backed by GOP Gov. John Kasich Huffington Post (2/4/2013)
January 2013
Better Checks Columbus Dispatch (1/24/2013)
20 People to Know in Health Care: Greg Moody Business First (1/18/2013)
Ohio's nursing homes get favorable ratings again Columbus Dispatch (1/17/2013)
Kasich's $5 million cash influx is good news for kids Cleveland Plain Dealer (1/16/2013)
A start- Treatment could avert violence by mentally- ill young people Columbus Dispatch (1/14/2013)
Background checks expand for home-health workers Columbus Dispatch (1/14/2013)
Managed-care companies adding 1,000 jobs with Medicaid shift Business First (1/11/2013)
Ohio Medicaid drama provided roller coaster for Molina, Centene execs Business First (1/11/2013)
State gives $5 million for mental-health services to head off violence Columbus Dispatch (1/10/2013)
Health Insurers in Ohio seek higher premiums Dayton Daily News (1/9/2013)
Gov. Kasich Signs Directive Mandating Coverage for Autism NBC4 Columbus (1/9/2013)
Kasich Signs Mandate Requiring Autism-Related Insurance Coverage 10TV News Columbus (1/9/2013)
More 'fiscal cliffs' to come as population ages Dayton Daily News (1/5/2013)
Room for expansion Akron Beacon Journal (1/1/2013)
Ohio is living within its budget -- Medicaid and all Cleveland Plain Dealer (1/1/2013)
December 2012
Covering autism Toledo Blade (12/31/2012)
Insurance coverage for autism will spur local coverage Athens Messenger (12/30/2012)
Autism services now covered by insurance in Ohio Marietta Times (12/29/2012)
Expanding autism coverage for Ohioans, Ohio's way: editorial Cleveland Plain Dealer (12/29/2012)
Ohio spends fewer Medicaid dollars than budgeted Bloomberg Businessweek (12/28/2012)
State prevails in Medicaid-contract law suit Columbus Dispatch (12/28/2012)
New autism coverage policy receives praise Cleveland Jewish News (12/27/2012)
Autism treatment options opening up Portsmouth Daily Times (12/26/2012)
Healthier Ohio Toledo Blade (12/24/2012)
Governor mandates coverage for autism Toledo Blade (12/22/2012)
Autism care to receive coverage Columbus Dispatch (12/22/2012)
Gov. Kasich adds autism treatment services Cleveland Plain Dealer (12/21/2012)
Executive intervention Akron Beacon Journal (12/22/2012)
Ohio gets $18 million in bonus for kids' health-insurance gains Columbus Dispatch (12/21/2012)
Dual objectives Akron Beacon Journal (12/20/2012)
Nursing homes warily approach Ohio's shift to private insurers Business First (12/13/2012)
Ohio announces coordinated Medicare, Medicaid plan initiative Plain Dealer (12/13/2012)
State gets OK to alter Medicare, Medicaid Columbus Dispatch (12/13/2012)
Aetna, Molina to spearhead Medicare/Medicaid pilot in Central Ohio in 2013 Business First (12/12/2012)
Ohio gets federal approval for dual-eligible coverage project Dow Jones Business News (12/12/2012)
Ohio reaches agreement on coordinated medical care Associated Press (12/12/2012)
Feds approve Ohio healthcare plan for seniors Columbus Dispatch (12/12/2012)
November 2012
Short Takes Columbus Dispatch (11/30/2012)
Hope and Exchange Wall Street Journal (11/27/2012)
Rise in Medicaid costs slows Columbus Dispatch (11/26/2012)
Ohio right to nix insurance exchange The Intelligencer (11/19/2012)
Ohio will let D.C. run health insurance exchange Cleveland Plain Dealer (11/16/2012)
Ohio defaults to feds on health care exchange Cincinnati Enquirer (11/16/2012) 
More GOP governors decline to create health insurance exchanges L.A. Times (11/16/2012)
States decline to set up exchanges for insurance New York Times (11/16/2012)   
Medicaid spending up only 2% Columbus Dispatch (11/1/2012)
October 2012
Local doctors embracing 'patient centered medical home' concept  Akron Beacon Journal (10/21/2012)
Ohio weighs future expansion of Medicaid Toledo Blade (10/15/2012)
Ohio officials spread word on new Medicaid benefit  Akron Beacon Journal (10/15/2012)
Former monk's hard work is example to colleagues Columbus Dispatch (10/14/2012)

September 2012
State is tackling pills for foster kids Columbus Dispatch (9/26/2012)
Ohio officials to study use of psychiatric drugs San Francisco Chronicle (9/26/2012)
Health insurance coverage increasing among Ohio kids Lancaster Gazette (9/23/2012)

Companies' awareness increasing about benefits of hiring autistic workers Business First (9/14/2012) 
State officials evaluate expansion of Medicaid Columbus Dispatch (9/13/2012)
Cuyahoga County gets $1.8 million Cleveland Plain Dealer (9/7/2012)
With Medicaid, long-term care of elderly looms as a rising cost The New York Times (9/6/2012)   

Job search going mobile Marion Star (9/4/2012)
Proceeding at Medicaid  Akron Beacon Journal (8/22/2012)
Judge dismisses Aetna's lawsuit Columbus Dispatch (8/16/2012)
Ohio officials to move forward after Aetna dispute Associated Press (8/16/2012)
Cost estimates should not be low-balled Columbus Dispatch (8/16/2012) 
Nursing homes urged to improve with incentives USA Today (8/14/2012)  
Managing Medicaid: Single agency should allow better coordination Columbus Dispatch (8/6/2012) 
Elevate Medicaid to Ohio cabinet level Cleveland Plain Dealer (8/6/2012)

July 2012
Medicaid system to become a free-standing state agency Cleveland Plain Dealer (7/28/2012)
State's Medicaid program to become free-standing agency Columbus Dispatch (7/27/2012) 
Ohio tries high-tech tactics to fight painkiller abuse Wall Street Journal (7/27/2012)

June 2012
Political backbone. Governor's veto shows he means business Columbus Dispatch (6/14/2012)
Message in a veto Akron Beacon Journal (6/12/2012) 
A shorter wait for Medicaid in Ohio Cleveland Plain Dealer (6/12/2012) 
Ohio officials seek Medicaid overhaul Dayton Daily News (6/6/2012)
Medicaid access made easier Columbus Dispatch (6/6/2012)

Ohio making it easier for pregnant women, children to get Medicaid Dayton Daily News (6/5/2012)
Partnership for health Akron Beacon Journal (6/5/2012) 
Ohio cutting more red tape to improve the health of women and children Public News Service (6/5/2012)
McGurn: Illinois blows smoke at taxpayers Wall Street Journal (6/4/2010)
Ohio gets $10M for Medicaid to improve health outcomes Dayton Daily News (6/5/2012)

State boosts Medicaid quality: Teaming with schools for better health care WDTN Dayton (6/5/2012)

April 2012
Stick with the plan Akron Beacon Joural (4/29/2012)
Budget-bending turns mid-biennium review into a game Cleveland Plain Dealer (4/28/2012
Not again Governor should block proposal Columbus Dispatch (4/26/2012) 
Ohioans' high use of ER costly Dayton Daily News (4/25/2012) 
Dayton-Cincinnati are to be Medicare test ground Dayton Daily News (4/18/2012)
Linking nursing-home payments with client satisfaction smart Columbus Dispatch (4/15/2012)

Medicaid users can pick from managed-care plans Columbus Dispatch (4/9/2012) 
Ohio should get Medicare waiver Cleveland Plain Dealer (4/6/2012)
Pilot project tailor-made for Ohio Canton Repository (4/4/2012)
Changes win over former foes of Kasich plan Columbus Dispatch (4/4/2012)
Ohio to submit proposal to coordinate medical care Associated Press (4/3/2012)

Ohio wants to better coordinate Medicare, Medicaid care Dayton Daily News (4/3/2012)

March 2012
Ohio's six children's hospitals will make a powerful team Columbus Dispatch (4/2/2012)
Children's hospitals receive $2 million from the state Columbus Dispatch (3/28/2012) 
Ohio's children's hospitals to collaborate on research Cleveland Plain Dealer (3/28/2012)

Kasich announces grants to pediatric hospitals Dayton Daily News (3/27/2012)
Children's hospitals to tackle research projects Columbus Dispatch (3/27/2012)
Proposal to simplify Medicaid eligibility Gongwer News Service (3/26/2012)
Kasich order targets jobs for Ohio's disabled Youngstown Vindicator (3/21/2012)
Dublin man exemplifies Kasich jobs initiative Columbus Dispatch (3/20/2012)  
Kasich offers wide-ranging reforms The Columbus Dispatch (3/14/2012)
State aims to improve service, save money in care of poor seniors Columbus Dispatch (3/7/2012)
Effective health care Toledo Blade (3/2/2012)

February 2012
Dispatch article on ICDS (2/27/2012) 
Ohio launches healthcare initiative Business and Legal Resources (2/14/2012)
Bigger babies a Kasich priority Columbus Dispatch (2/2/2012)

January 2012
New state Medicaid plan based on quality Crain's Business (1/30/2012) 
Plan to focus on care, not just repair Advertiser-Tribune (1/30/2012) 
Counties need to be team players Columbus Dispatch (1/23/2012)
Ohio governor proposes Medicaid shared savings American Medical News (1/20/2012)
State to boost training of doctors in patient-centered system Columbus Dispatch (1/18/2012)
Ohio to invest $1 million in patient-centered care Associated Press (1/18/2012) 
Realigning incentives might improve health of Medicaid program Columbus Dispatch (1/16/2012)  
Medicaid contracts to reward wellness Columbus Dispatch (1/12/2012)
ODJFS issues RFA aimed at restucturing, refocusing managed care Hannah News Service (1/11/2012) 
Partners in the outcome Akron Beacon Journal, (1/11/2012)
State to pay more to Medicaid providers when patients stay healthy WVIZ, ideastream, (1/11/2-12)
Ohio involves Medicaid in health care payment reform Crain's Cleveland Business, (1/10/2012)
State tackles Medicaid costs Columbus Dispatch, (1/10/2012)
Ohio begins value-based measure for Medicaid Dayton Daily News (1/9/2012)  
Kasich launches new health care reform ABC6 On Your Side, (1/9/2012)
Ohio to test Medicaid payments based on efficiency Columbus Business First (1/9/2012) 
Kasich Administration launches health care payment reform initiative Hannah News Service (1/9/2012)
Collaborating reduces cost of health care USA Today, (1/6/2012)

Bonus for Ohio. Akron Beacon Journal, (1/3/2012)

December 2011
State seeking more Medicaid waivers Columbus Dispatch (12/30/2011)
Director Moody's
letter to Reps Kucinich and others
Medicaid plan nets Ohio a $21 million reward Columbus Dispatch (12/29/2011) 
State seeking more Medicaid waivers Columbus Dispatch (12/30/2011)
Medicaid plan nets Ohio a $21 million reward Columbus Dispatch (12/29/2011)
The poorest among us have a friend in John Kasich Columbus Dispatch (12/25/2011)
Ohio's spending on long term care makes more sense now Columbus Dispatch (12/20/2011)

November 2011
Experts say nation's health-care system ailing Akron Beacon Journal,(11/19/2011)
Governor Kasich Resolution 2011 Family Week (11/20-26/2011) 
Governor talks of lessons learned and new initiatives Columbus Dispatch (11/16/2011)
Innovating health care in the home - a proven solution, The Hill's Congress Blog (11/3/2011)
It's not premature to say project works to prevent early births Columbus Dispatch (11/2/2011)
Patients better served by medical home Columbus Dispatch (11/15/2011)

October 2011
SFY 11 nursing facility franchise fee reimbursement notice (10/3/2011)
For advice on cuts, look to Ohio (9/20/2011)
Kasich, local officials meet on agencies' cost-cutting ideas (10/3/2011)
September 2011 
Patients receive better care when doctors use electronic records, study says (9/6/2011)
20 quality measures proposed for bonuses (9/3/2011)
Ohio budget shift lets more residents receive long-term care at home (9/1/2011)
May 2011
Optional Medicaid services are critical and cost effective (5/31/2011)
The governor has a smart approach to Medicaid. (5/31/2011)
Medicaid Reform: New plan starts with ill children (5/29/2011)
Wrong prescription. Hospitals must be able to negotiate with managed-care providers (5/29/2011)
Don't relent. Lawmakers should cut nursing-home budget, not kowtow to pressure (5/29/2011)
Seniors fear Medicaid cuts are passport to a nursing home (5/28/2011)
Ohio must restore balance to care for elderly (5/28/2011)
Nursing home care most costly option (5/27/2011)
Jobs budget good for southwest Ohio (5/26/2011
LeadingAge supports goal of rebalancing cost of long term care (5/25/2011)
Transforming Medicaid (5/24/2011)
Room for discussion on nursing (5/24/2011)
Governor Kasich's improved Medicaid (5/20/2011)
Nursing homes, governor at odds on Ohio budget  (5/20/2011)
Rethinking cuts to in-home care program for seniors (5/19/2011)
Elderly need wide range of state services (5/18/2011)
Divert a portion of nursing home funds to assisted living; save Ohio millions of dollars (5/18/2011)
Gov. John Kasich and nursing home lobby battle over proposed budget cuts (5/14/2011)
A rock and a hard place. Health-care overhaul, Medicaid rule spells trouble for state budget (5/15/2011)
Nursing home lobbying group will take down commercial ripping Gov. John Kasich (5/13/2011)
Ad angers Kasich, will be taken off air (5/13/2011)
PASSPORT can ease shift in care (5/13/2011)
Nursing home trend eliminates institutional feel in design, care and attitude (5/12/2011)
Nursing Home Funding Fight (5/12/2011)
In crafting the state budget, Ohio senators now must stand firm (5/11/2011)
Lawmakers should ignore nursing-home efforts to reverse elder-care reform (5/11/2011)
Governor rips nursing-home lobby, says tax cut possible in '12 (5/10/2011)
Battle begins over nursing-home cuts (5/8/2011)
Budget slammed, supported (5/1/2011)
Expand all in-home care of elderly folks (5/1/2011)
The Ohio House version of the budget: fixes and flaws (5/1/2011)
Lawmakers should reduce funding to nursing homes, boost in-home services (5/1/2011)
April 2011
Local agencies that serve the aging lobby Ohio lawmakers not to cut funding to PASSPORT (4/26/2011)
State expects savings in home health care. Ohio wants more seniors in program (5/25/2011)
Diabetes savings possible by better managing care (4/23/2011)
Seniors will be served in best setting (4/23/2011)
PASSPORT helps care givers (4/19/2011)
See the facts about Governor Kasich's first
100 days in office
Butler County's nursing home plan cuts (4/19/2011)
Aging Well: Numerous programs exist for in-home care (4/18/2011)
Health-care changes might trim costs (4/18/2011)
Changes in work force mirror national trends (4/13/2011)
Kasich outlines budget's impact on seniors (4/11/2011)
Medicaid proposal by Gov. John Kasich would transform system in Ohio (4/10/2011)
Teenager struggling with mental disorders receives treatment through Medicaid (4/10/2011)
Stroke changes retirement plans of former University Hospitals nurse (4/10/2011)
Medicaid helps heal a traumatic past for 62-year-old Cleveland resident (4/10/2011)
Lawmakers should continue effort to give seniors care options (4/7/2011)
John Kasich wants to save money. He also has a plan to improve quality and outcomes (4/3/2011)
Summa CEO sees health care reform as essential (4/3/2011)
Health care should be more proactive (4/1/2011)
'Front door' to long term care (4/1/2011)
Healthier Ohioans, lower costs (3/30/2011)
Budget ensures effective and efficient care: Tracy Plouck  (3/27/2011)
Proposal to expand PASSPORT a good idea (3/23/2011)
Medicaid needs more than tweaking (3/23/2011)
Nursing home operators don't care for Kasich's plan to cut funding (3/21/2011)
State funding to increase, but will be offset by decline in federal funding (3/21/2011)
Medicaid cuts to nursing homes likely to deal blow to aides, suppliers (3/18/2011)
Kasich says Medicaid to improve (3/17/2011)
Kasich's Medicaid plan isn't only cuts (3/17/2011)
Proposal has significant changes in Medicaid (3/17/2011)
A place to start (3/16/2011)
Kasich calls for $55B budget with proposals for privatization, Medicaid changes (3/16/2011)
Ohio hospitals find mixed bag in Kasich's budget proposal (3/16/2011)
Kasich has been working years on this (3/15/2011)
Medicaid looks for a cure (3/15/2011)
Kasich hopes more healthy babies will reduce Medicaid costs (3/11/2011)
Kasich needs to be bold and effective (3/10/2011)
5 important questions about Medicaid in Ohio (3/10/2011)
Medicaid is 30% of state budget and growing (3/9/2011)
Ohio must arrest prescription drug abuse (3/9/2011)
Ohio's cuts to mental health are among U.S. highest (3/9/2011)
Kasich lays out program for reform (3/9/2011)
Gov. John Kasich targets nursing home lobby in speech (3/9/2011)
'You ain't seen nothing yet' on cuts, Kasich says (3/9/2011)
Moody on Medicaid Changes: Everything Has a Policy Basis (3/9/2011)
As economy worsens, health coverage does, too (3/8/2011)
1.5 million Ohioans among the uninsured (3/8/2011)
Costs have nearly doubled in a decade (3/5/2011)
Kasich, legislature moving fast on key issues (3/5/2011)
Nonprofit elder care organizations urge modification of Medicaid payment system (3/5/2011)
Demands for mental health services continue to increase (3/4/2011)
More care coordination could save Ohio Medicaid $1.8 billion (3/3/2011)
Medicaid cost makes Ohio's budget ill (3/2/2011)
Insurers suggest ways state can cut Medicaid costs (3/2/2011)
Hospitals offer to help ease Ohio budget deficit (3/1/2011)