Press Releases

Ohio Medicaid Pharmacy Benefit Manager white paper and performance report (6/21/2018)
Bipartisan governors statement on preexisting condition protections (6/18/2018)
Bipartisan governors Blueprint for Improving Health System Performance (2/23/2018)

Ohio Medicaid's Response Letter to Senator Johnson (10/16/2017)
Financial Impact of Graham-Cassidy (9/20/2017)
Bipartisan governors letter to Congressional Leaders (9/19/2017)
Bipartisan governors letter to Congressional Leaders (8/30/2017)
Bipartisan governors letter to Congressional Leaders (6/16/2017)
Republican governors letter to Congressional Leaders (3/16/2017)
Gov. John Kasich & Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor Letter to House Majority Leader (1/18/2017)
Gov. John Kasich & Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor Letter to Senate Finance Committee (1/18/2017)

Ohio announces nation-leading delivery of better primary care (8/2/2016)
OHT announces staff changes (6/8/2016)
Ohio leads nation in home and connunity transition planning (6/6/2016)

2015 OHT Year in Review
Ohio Benefits connects Medicaid seekers to jobs (2/12/2015)

State Awarded $75M for Payment Innovation (12/17/2014)
Kasich launches new effort to combat Infant Mortality (12/4/2014)
Dr. Mary DiOrio named State Medical Director (11/10/2014) 
Kasich names new leadership team at Health Department (8/1/2014)
Kasich announces Health Director's return to private practice (2/4/2014)

2013 OHT Year in Review
OHT announces staff changes (12/19/2013)
OHT announced early online enrollment (11/13/2013)
Ohio recognized as national leader for HOME Choice Program (9/11/2013)
Governor launches MOMS Project (8/29/2013)

State awards "Strong Families, Safe Communities" grants (7/2/2013)
Kasich administration to increase access to home- and community- based care (6/12/2013)
Ohio kicks the fight against childhood obesity into high gear with new initiative (6/4/2013)
Ohio takes next steps to improve background checks for home-health workers (5/15/2013)
DAS announces eligibility modernization contract (2/6/2013)

2012 OHT Year in Review
Ohio receives a $17.9 million bonus for enrolling children in Medicaid (12/19/2012)
Kasich Administration Announces CMS Approval of Ohio's ICDS Plan (12/12/2012)
Health Transformation Innovation Fund to support shared services (10/25/2012)
Medicaid health homes will coordinate services, flyer (10/15/2012)
Ohio Department of Health Receives National Recognition (9/18/2012)
Pilot to stop opiate abuse/diversion launched by state (7/26/2012)
Medicaid Presumptive Eligibility (6/5/2012)
Kasich Administration expanding maternal child health reduce low-birth weight babies (2/2/2012)
Ohio to expand Patient Centered Primary Care Initiative (1/18/2012)
Ohio Medicaid issues an RFA to rebid Ohio's Medicaid managed care program. (1/11/2012)
Kasich Administration launches initiative on health care payment reform. (1/9/2012)

2011 OHT Year in Review
Office of Health Transformation announces staff changes (10/21/2011)
Kasich signs historic budget-eliminates an $8 billion shortfall while also cutting taxes (6/30/2011)
Expanded Medicaid home and community services allowing Ohio to serve more older Ohioans  (6/17/2011)
Kasich marks 100 days in office (4/19/2011)
Office of Health Transformation announces Medicaid impact of federal health care law (4/4/2011)
HHS Agency Legislative Liaison Team (2/28/2011) 
Making the Ohio Medicaid Business Case for Integrated Care (2/24/2011)
Innovations in Integrated Care: New Opportunities to Better Serve Dual Eligibles (2/17/2011)
Governor Kasich’s Announcement of Creation of the Office of Health Transformation (1/13/2011)

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